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ACTIVE – (VOTING): A woman who

1. Holds ownership interest in a business.

2. Maintains a place of business for the Business, and

3. Substantially manages or works in the Business. The ownership interest shall be either a sole proprietorship; a general partner in a partnership; a shareholder in a corporation who has the authority as a director and/or officer of the corporation, or a member in a limited liability company with authority to make decisions and who is actively involved in the overall or the day-to-day management of the business, commissioned agents or brokers representing a parent company but which company does not control the means and methods by which they operate.

ASSOCIATE – (NON-VOTING): Individuals (women and men) who support the objectives of the Corporation but do not meet the criteria for a voting class member. An Associate member is an owner of a business that is not woman-owned or an employee (receiving a W2 form and not a 1099).

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