3 Minutes to a Happier, Healthier, More Organized You!

Folded Towels

3 Minutes to a Happier, Healthier, More Organized You!

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Hi friends.  Chances are, by this time, you've been home for several weeks.  You've either done all of the pending home projects you've wanted to address, or you're beginning to notice all the undone projects and tasks lurking in the hidden, deep, dark corners.  Are you sighing in frustration, not sure where to start?

Household “chores” and organizing projects can seem overwhelming when we look at them all at once. When we break them down into smaller pieces, then they don’t seem as arduous, time-consuming, or boring. I once timed myself to see exactly how long it takes to fold a load of laundry, something I don’t enjoy doing. It took three minutes. OK, it was a load of towels, which are easy, but even so, it was only three minutes. We can do pretty much anything for just three minutes. If we apply this “3-minute rule” to a larger task, imagine how much more we can accomplish in the long term!

What can be done in 3 minutes? Here are 45 tasks you can do in 3 minutes (or less!):

  1. Pay bills online
  2. Tidy a pocketbook
  3. Use the bathroom
  4. Make the bed
  5. Feed the cats
  6. Scoop the litter box
  7. Take out the garbage
  8. Put away a bag of groceries
  9. Recycle old newspapers or magazines
  10. Hang coats in closet
  11. File a few papers
  12. Read this article (!)
  13. Respond to an invitation
  14. Write a thank you note
  15. Drink a glass of water
  16. Change the batteries in your smoke alarm
  17. Test the carbon monoxide detector
  18. Cut up an avocado or apple
  19. Eat a banana
  20. Eat a yogurt
  21. Prepare a healthy snack
  22. Print labels for your file system
  23. Scan and save a vital document
  24. Schedule a doctor’s appointment
  25. Create an online ID with your doctor’s portal to access your health history
  26. Give a few dollars to charity
  27. Help an older person across the street
  28. Smile and wave at someone you pass
  29. Text someone you love, just because
  30. Sort your sock drawer
  31. Download a good book
  32. Unload the dishwasher
  33. Change a light bulb
  34. Download an emergency preparedness list from the Red Cross website
  35. Line up shoes in an entryway
  36. Sort and open today's mail
  37. Change the sheets on a bed
  38. Wash one window
  39. Put a load of laundry in to wash
  40. Transfer a load of laundry to the dryer
  41. Toss old personal care products (makeup, expired over the counter medicines)
  42. Toss expired pantry items on one shelf
  43. Gather up garbage from your car at the end of the day
  44. Talk with your kid before a practice or game
  45. Play fetch with your dog or cat      

What else can you think of that you can do in 3 minutes or less?  Let me know!

Gayle M. Gruenberg, CPO-CD® is the Chief Executive Organizer of Let’s Get Organized, LLC, an award-winning professional organizing firm based in Bergen County, New Jersey. You can reach her at 201-364-6833 or visit the Let's Get Organized website at www.LGOrganized.com.

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