Is Data Backup Really That Important?

Is Data Backup Really That Important?


Security experts estimate that 2,000 cyberattacks occur every single day and only 30% of data is successfully backed up.

Running a successful business isn’t easy. Between financial considerations, client retention concerns, and employee well-being worries, there are a thousand issues to contemplate. Technology is one issue that keeps many business owners up at night.

When technology is working well, we take it for granted. Even with all the challenges of remote work, we expect our laptops to start up perfectly each morning. No matter where our important data is stored, we expect it to always be accessible. And if one device or one drive doesn’t work, we expect a backup to be available instantly.

But what happens when your critical business information suddenly isn’t available? As severe spring weather sweeps across significant portions of North America and residents on both coasts prepare for hurricane season and wildfire season, it’s time to plan for the impact a disaster can have on your business.

And those are just natural disasters—man-made ones like ransomware, malware, viruses, and data hacks continue to plague businesses around the world.

Rashika Mandal is a founder and VP of CMIT Solutions.  She is passionate about helping businesses navigate the constantly changing technology trends and helping them grow to their fullest potential using technology.  Learn more at

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