Personal Brand vs Business Brand

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Personal Brand vs Business Brand


Do you know what is a personal brand and how is it different than a business brand?

A personal brand is a brand that you build around yourself. It usually means you build your business with your name and you are the face of your company.

A business brand is a brand you build around your business. It usually means that you created a brand that distinguishes your business/products/services from another.

Whether you are building a personal brand or a business brand, here are a few tips that you can do right now to better connect with your audience:

1. Be consistent: Using consistent images on your website and social media can elevate your engagement with your audience and consistently posting on social media is just as important, even if you are posting once a week, on the same day, and at the same time. I don't recommend using stock images because they are overused, especially the free ones. Try to take pictures yourself or hire a professional photographer to batch create custom images for you. Professional images will definitely get higher engagement and make your website look more professional.

2. Tell your stories: Whether it's your personal stories or your business stories, people love stories and they can connect with you better that way. For example, I'm not just a photographer, I'm also a mom, so I'm sharing that part of my life on my social media. You can also share some behind the scenes, how your products are being made (product-based business), what is your process when a client hires you (service-based business), featuring a client, and so much more.

3. Share your wins: Share testimonials and thank you notes from your clients. It is a great way to show your audience why your clients love working with you!

4. Share your knowledge: Share tips and freebies with your audience, they will love you for it, especially if they are already following you on social media. This will be super helpful when you want to sell your products and service later on. Serve first then sell. Don't you love trying out food samples before you buy the products? Same idea. 

Charissa Yong is the CEO of Charissa H. Yong Photography, LLC. She is a branding and portrait photographer who is passionate about helping business owners save time and stand out in the crowded online world so they can gain more clients.

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