Stay Positive!

Stay Positive!


What better time is there than a stay-at-home order to decide how good you could make it?

Is it your business?

The pile on your desk?

Your life?

How about instead of deciding how good you are, promise yourself to make a little improvement every day. And then you’ll be even better. Here’s what I’m going to promise myself:

 1. Instead of thinking the worst about everything, like “why didn’t she answer my email?”, I will think the best and say, “She’s as busy as I am and she’ll answer it when she has a moment of quiet."

 2. Maybe I’ll see something new and wonderful in someone I knew for a long time

 3. When my eyes pop open at 2am, instead of letting the woodpecker in my head take over, I’ll get up and write down some of what I’m thinking to get it out of my head and onto paper. Then I might be able to get back to sleep.

 4. People will be seen as having the best intentions.

 5. Instead of being exhausted about all I have to do, I’m going to see each step as something completed that will energize me. 

 6. Instead of overthinking, I’ll act!

 7. If something feels so hard to do, I’ll remember that because it’s hard, it’ll turn out to be something wonderful.

 8. If someone rejects me or my business or unfriends me, I will cherish those that stick with me even more.

 9. I will let the good moments hug me.

10. I choose positivity.

Laurel Bernstein, Executive Coach, is the owner and founder of Laurel Bernstein & Associates. Laurel runs her performance-based business helping business owners or their staff members to create and implement plans for exploring more earning opportunities.

Laurel can be reached via email at

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