Analesa Berg, Shema Productions Inc.

178 Dezenzo Lane
West Orange NJ 07052

Additional Information

Major Product or Service : Spiritual Development
Secondary Product or Service : Healing Arts
Third Product or Service : Creative Healing Sessions/Workshops
Description of your company : I am an artist, performer and spiritual teacher. Through my company, Shema Productions Inc., I offer support for spiritually-conscious women and men who appreciate the wisdom of many traditions and want to live and lead from a place of inner wisdom and joy in these transformational times, but don’t know how.

Much is at stake in our world. I believe our best hope for creating a future that works for all is for as many people as possible to awaken to the truth that we are ONE and that each of us have value with something unique to contribute.

I have found an expansive and curious approach to life is the best way to heal old wounds, navigate challenges, and live a more joyful life on purpose.

I have Master Degrees in Social Work and Transpersonal (Spiritual) Psychology. Formerly a corporate cross-cultural consultant helping people move internationally, I always focus on building bridges between people of different cultures, beliefs, or spiritual traditions.

I use the arts to heal. I created a series of paintings in 30 days of silence I call "The Alphabet of Vibration: Hebrew Letter Mandalas for Peace”. I sell these healing images in various forms and use them in workshops.

I wrote and perform my one woman show, "The 23rd Letter" which inspires audience members to awaken their own creativity and expand their belief in what is possible.

I've worked internationally in conscious leadership development and am one of 18 people trained worldwide as a facilitator of an evolutionary healing method.

Other than raising two successful sons, I am most proud of founding International Friends Club (IFC) which has been serving the needs of international expatriate women in NJ for over 24 years.
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