Donna Thompson, Woodpecker Press, LLC

Donna Thompson, Woodpecker Press, LLC

Woodpecker Press, LLC

Publishing Public Relations Member Since 2005 MetroEast Region (Essex, Hudson & Union)


Woodpecker Press provides publishing, editorial, and public relations services to business owners and authors, as well as editorial services to scholarly (academic) publishers. WP is also the publisher of the Big Bold Business® Book Series.

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Major Product or Service : Publishing/Editorial Services

Secondary Product or Service : Public Relations

Third Product or Service : Marketing plans

Description of your company : Woodpecker Press provides PR, editorial, and publishing services to business owners, authors, and corporate clients.

WP has a particular interest in and a long history of working with scholarly (academic) publishers of engineering journals and conference documents (programs, proceedings, abstract books, etc.).

Editorial services include editing, proofreading, and manuscript evaluations, as well as fine-tuning of bios and company profile paragraphs.

PR services include creation and distribution of press releases, clipping service, and PR/marketing plans.

As for publishing services, Woodpecker Press helps business owners self-publish. Our focus is on nonfiction books; although, we have also published poetry, fiction, and children's books since we began in 2008.

Our clients include:

> Authors and business owners with manuscripts to be edited, proofread, and/or published or who would like to promote themselves, their books, or their businesses

> Business owners who want to add 'published author' to their list of achievements

> Engineering and other associations with journal articles, books, conference proceedings, or technical program documents to be proofread or edited

Woodpecker Press is also the publisher of the Big Bold Business® Book Series. Each chapter in a BBB volume is written by a business owner or entrepreneur who shares expertise on a business topic to help other business owners succeed. BBB authors can then use the book as a marketing tool to promote themselves, and by so doing, every author in the book benefits from that collaborative effort.



Woodpecker Press, LLC
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