Holly Jerome, ActionCOACH

Holly Jerome, ActionCOACH


Coaching Training Member Since 2006

Additional Info

Major Product or Service : Business Coaching

Secondary Product or Service : Seminars and Workshops

Third Product or Service : Business/Mgmt Consultants

Description of your company : As a business coach, I will help clients get the results they need to reach their business goals through a wide variety of tried and tested techniques and strategies. These techniques are proven to be effective in virtually any business or industry and will bring the business owner measurable results - increased cash flow and profitability, better time management, improved employee productivity, and a better quality of life. My passion is working with my client, to help them attain goals they may have thought unreachable. When working with my clients, I become a compassionate yet highly exacting friend and a mentor, guiding business owners to measurable results in business success. With over 16 years experience in corporate marketing and communications, product development and management, strategic planning and customer satisfaction, I am in a unique position to help business owners to bring their businesses to new heights and lasting success.


Certified Business Coach

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