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Having over 30 years of business experience; I have seen, firsthand, how difficult it is for women to get the support, leadership and training they need. It is even more difficult for women of color. That is why I am stepping up and focusing on helping women and minority-owned firms.

Over the course of 15 years in financial leadership roles, I have witnessed women struggling with ‘receiving permission’ to truly understand and take control of their financial responsibilities.

Yes, you have permission to ask why a Budget is useful. And you have permission to question the ‘financial speak’ meant to disenfranchise and demoralize. Let us have a discussion and get to work on your Budget. You can develop understanding and mastery of your financial present and future. The only person’s permission you need is your own.

Melanie Blau McDonald, MS – Information Science

Creator of the "Financial Mastery Intensive: Profit Secrets for Women Owned Law Firms". I help women attorneys who own their own firm create a reliable profitability pattern.

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