Susana Fonticoba, Clear Path Strategy LLC

Susana Fonticoba, Clear Path Strategy LLC


Consultant Coaching Member Since 2020 Northwest Region (Morris, Sussex & Warren)


As a Business Growth Strategist serving entrepreneurs across the country, I’m a fierce advocate for dedicated and talented business owners like you. Having built my own business from scratch and nurtured consistent growth for almost two decades, I know first-hand that entrepreneurship is both tremendously rewarding and absolutely terrifying.

Working with me, entrepreneurs make impactful changes to their model and their mindset. I help them navigate the 8 critical business development keys and work on their holistic business health.

Clients can choose a private coaching experience or a supportive peer group environment. Having learned and accomplished so much with boots on the ground experience in all kinds of economic conditions, I am passionate about sharing this real-world wisdom with entrepreneurs who have been in business from 9 months to 90 years!

I am a seasoned speaker and conference presenter on several business growth topics.

I work with passionate and driven service-based entrepreneurs who own their business outright, have developed it from scratch, and are powerfully motivated to grow their business and improve their clients’ lives.  

Often, when we are the 100% sole owner and have built our own business model, we find ourselves in decision overwhelm and entrepreneurial loneliness! Even if we have a team working for us, the buck stops with you and it's lonely at the top! Using my proprietary Growth Positioning System, they take the driver's seat and I'm the business navigator, keeping them on the road to success.

I offer a unique group business development program called the Clear Path Collaborative. Membership limited to 6 seats to a group. We focus on entrepreneurs in a creative service profession. 

Additional Info

Major Product or Service : Business Coaching

Description of your company : certified business strategist working one on one with dedicated service based business owners on achieving their mission, vision and growth plan to become and remain profitable.


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