Wendy L. Filler, Filler Bookkeeping Services

Wendy L. Filler, Filler Bookkeeping Services

Filler Bookkeeping Services

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Wendy L. Filler, owner of Filler Bookkeeping Services in Maplewood, has many years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping with for-profit and not-for-profit businesses. She earned a B.S. in psychology in 1970 from the University of Illinois, master's degree in education (M.Ed.) in mathematics from the University of Maryland in 1975, and studied accounting at DePaul University in Chicago in 1990. Because of her teaching background, Wendy understands that not everyone is good at all aspects of their business, and she is uniquely able to explain financial recordkeeping to those who may have shied away from maintaining theirs. When working with clients, she manages their books, answers their questions, and relieves anxiety by providing a timely bookkeeping service as well as monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial reports for their review.

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Filler Bookkeeping Services

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