Gas Shortages Highlight the Severity of Ransomware Threat

Gas Shortages Highlight the Severity of Ransomware Threat


So how bad can ransomware be?

Colonial Pipeline was so bad that they tried to avoid revealing any information—about cybersecurity protections it had in place before the attack, about the affected parts of its computer networks, or even about whether the physical pipeline itself was ever infected. When reports emerged about the $5 million ransom payment, the company initially wouldn’t confirm or deny them. Colonial Pipeline also didn’t respond to the criticism that paying the ransom could embolden other criminal groups or rogue states to sabotage American companies by compromising critical information.
The Colonial Pipeline attack comes on the heels of other recent incidents involving hospitals, water treatment facilities, and even police departments.

How can you keep your business safe?
We have five suggestions based on our 25 years of experience protecting businesses and current guidance from cybersecurity organizations. 
1. Back up your data
2. Make sure a recovery plan is in place, too
3. Assess and enhance your network security
4. Automatically update and patch all systems
5. Provide ongoing training and education to your staff

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Rashika Mandal is a founder and VP of CMIT Solutions.  She is passionate about helping businesses navigate the constantly changing technology trends and helping them grow to their fullest potential using technology. 

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