Is It Time For A Logo Redesign?

BrandStrat logo redesign

Is It Time For A Logo Redesign?

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4 Key Questions To Ask When Deciding If A Redesign Is Right For Your Business 
+ Case Study: BrandStrat Conference 

The event organizer for the BrandStrat conference wanted to redesign their event logo to represent its marketing initiative which was temporarily ushered into the virtual event space because of covid19. The logo was redesigned to be modern and a bold and to visually fit within the digital space (website, emails, web ads).  The redesign was accomplished by changing the font, color palette, and creating a mark. The color palette was updated to using a brighter cyan and solid black to bring the visual identity to the next level.  The tagline was then added to the logo to further brand the mission of the conference.    

If you have been considering redesigning your existing logo here are four key questions to ask yourself to help you determine if this is the direction you should take.

1. Has your business expanded or changed?
If your business has recently added a new line of new products, your logo should be updated to reflect this change. If your business has expanded from a small business to a medium or a large business or if your business has expanded its consumer offerings, it could be time to consider updating your logo as well. Can your current logo cover all these changes?

2. Do you have new competition?
You were the only one in town, at least for a good duration of time, and suddenly you have competition.  You look at their visual presence and feel a little intimidated.  A logo redesign can help by showing existing customers and prospective customers that you invest in your business and stay up-to-date.  

3. Do you want to expand your business into new demographics?
You already have an established loyal customer base and want to speak to a new demographic with your new services and products. Are you ready?  A logo redesign will help you connect with your new customers while still maintaining your existing ones. As your business grows so should the personality of your logo. It should reflect the business you are doing right now.

4. Did your business have a shift in its values or mission statement?
As businesses grow they evolve. And so does its ideology. If the business ideology has shifted, changed, or widened to incorporate a new set of values, your logo should reflect these changes. Customers respond to positive growth. Your logo be an integral part of your visual story. In a consumer-fueled world: Change is good!

I love discussing design. If you want to talk about your logo or any design project, please schedule your complimentary consultation by sending an email to:  

Linda Modica is the founder and creative director of LMI+D [Linda Modica Innovation and Design LLC]. She is a graphic designer, art director, brand ambassador, animator and strategist with over 20 years of proven experience designing visual identities and brands.   Linda Modica Innovation and Design LLC is a WBENC certified woman owned business.  

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