The Power of Expertise in the Time of COVID-19

The Power of Expertise in the Time of COVID-19


As experts in our individual fields, we know the power our expertise has for our clients. I’m often asked, “what’s the benefit of using a travel agent, instead of booking my own travel?” My answer encompasses the value proposition I bring to the table as a travel expert and my passion for travel.

I offer personalized service. I take some time getting to know my clients (the who). Where they want to go and their motivation for a particular trip (the why) and learn the kind of experience they want to enjoy (the how). Once I have their vacation picture in my mind, and I understand what has then excited about their trip, I’m able to bring my expertise to the task.

They benefit from my knowledge and years of experience, the convenience of one-stop-shopping for various components, the value I seek for their vacation dollars, time saved by leveraging a professional, my unbiased recommendations and advice, I offer suggestions and ideas, and set expectations – most of all they benefit from my advocacy.

I propose a few carefully designed vacation options that suit their individual, unique interests and needs. We discuss, refine, and they book with confidence. Can an internet search do all that?!

In the time of COVID-19, this value has increased ten-fold. I have said time and again over the last three months how glad I am to be navigating these uncharted waters on behalf of my clients. We’ve experienced a tempest of policy changes, cancellations, rules and regulations, vouchers and refunds. My objective is to get the best possible resolution to my clients’ cancelled or altered 2020 travel plans – and they’re grateful I’m in the fray, getting it done.

I’ve parlayed their gratitude into reviews and referrals. My work may be without monetary compensation in the short-term, but I’ve developed clients-for-life and new leads thanks to their word-of-mouth.  I’m focusing my sales for 2021-2022 travel; hosting events about destinations like Alaska, the landscape of travel, and the benefits of using a travel professional. I’m looking forward with positivity and the backing of satisfied clientele.

Don’t miss the opportunity to let others know about your enhanced Power of Expertise in the Time of COVID-19, and to let your client’s who’ve benefited from it speak loud and proud on your behalf.

When you’re ready to discuss your next Dream Vacation, please contact me. I’m delighted to work for you! | 862.354.8448 | or join our Social Network.

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